Sagem Patroller beats out Thales Watchkeeper in French Army drone pick

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    Another order could follow in the coming years.

    90% made in France,jobs to be created... what else to say. :0-:
    PARIS — The French Army and the procurement office have selected the Sagem Patroller for the tactical unmanned aerial vehicle over the Thales Watchkeeper, with the pick due to be formally approved at a ministerial investment committee meeting next month, French media reported.

    “As part of the program for the tactical drone system which aims to deliver the Army a new tactical drone system, the Patroller from Sagem will win the competition over the Patroller from Thales,” weekly magazine Air & Cosmos reported Jan. 22.

    A contract for 14 units, comprising 10 operational aircraft and four for training, is worth some €300 million (US $324 million), with 10 years of maintenance. That contract value compares to the €350 million set aside in the revised multiyear defense budget.

    A pick of Patroller could double employment on UAVs at Sagem, which operates a plant at Montluçon, central France, local paper La Montagne reported. The regional paper is distributed in the Auvergne region, which includes the constituency for French President Francois Hollande, a source close to the deal said.

    The Sagem UAV could be armed with laser-targeted rockets and anti-tank MMP medium-range missiles, website La Tribune reported.

    Ecarys/Stemme delivers the aircraft, which will carry a radar and avionics from Selex, he said. Nearly 90 percent of the Patroller is made in France.

    In the evaluation, the Army liked the Patroller's high quality visual capability, and transmission Le Monde reported. The UAV can carry a one ton payload and fly for 14 hours, compared to the required eight hours, at a range of 150 km.

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