Saudi Arabia Cancel Lebanon Military Aid

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    Saudi Arabia says halts $3 billion package to Lebanese army, aid to security service


    DUBAI — Saudi Arabia has suspended a $3 billion aid package to the Lebanese Army to buy French weapons, according to statement by the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    Saudi state news agency SPA on Friday quoted an official source as saying that the kingdom also cancelled the remainder of $1 billion in aid it had earmarked for Lebanon's internal security service.

    The move has been described as an assertion of the kingdom's position toward the Lebanese government's weak political position in the country.

    "This shows that there is a consideration from the kingdom that the Lebanese government has very little control over the country's affairs with Hezbollah and Iran having the majority control over affairs in Lebanon," said Riad Kahwaji, CEO of the Institute for Gulf and Near East Military Analysis, a Dubai-based think tank.

    In the statement, the Saudi official said Riyadh had always stood with Lebanon and supported the country through difficult times.

    "Despite these honorable stands, the kingdom of Saudi Arabia had been met with Lebanese stands that are against it on Arab, regional and international arenas, in the shadow of the confiscation of the will of the state by the so-called Lebanese Hezbollah," the statement said.
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