Somalia Declares Drought a National Disaster

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    Somalia's President declares drought 'a national disaster'


    Abdur Rahman Alfa Shaban with REUTERS

    President Mohammed Abdullahi Mohammed ‘Farmajo’ has declared the ongoing drought in the country as a ‘national disaster’.

    A statement from the presidency issued on Tuesday, February 28, said the declaration was ‘‘to deal with the humanitarian emergency in all areas affected by the current drought.’‘

    The President had met stakeholders at a High-Level Round Table on the Drought Response in the capital, Mogadishu. He further impressed on small businesses and nationals in the diaspora to play a part in alleviating the crisis.

    President Farmajo also appealed to the International Community to urgently respond to the situation ‘‘in order to help families and individuals to recover from the effects of the drought disaster to avoid a humanitarian tragedy.’‘

    An estimated five million Somalis do not have enough to eat according to the United Nations. The drought has led to poor harvests and livestock deaths and fears of a period of severe hunger are rippling through the region, including in neighbouring Kenya and Ethiopia.

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