South Africa Holds Military Exercise

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    SA Army holds massive capability demonstration
    Written by Guy Martin, Friday, 19 May 2017

    The main focus of the SA Army Capability Demonstration, with the main event on 18 May, was to demonstrate the Army’s state of combat readiness and show that the military stands ready to defend and protect South Africa, safeguard South Africa and its people, contribute to regional and continental security and provide support in times of crisis and disaster.

    The demonstration saw airborne and firepower demonstrations, mechanised attacks and the static display of weapons and vehicles. It began with pathfinders parachuting in from cloudless blue skies and paratroopers being dropped from a C212 light transport aircraft. After various demonstrations, such as by tanks, infantry and artillery, it was all brought together in a massive offensive involving troops, armour, artillery and a Rooivalk that stirred up huge clouds of dust and smoke.

    The Army in very explosive fashion put almost all its weapons in action, including 80 and 120 mm mortars, G5 and G6 artillery, Badger 20 mm and 90 mm variants, Rooikat armoured cars and Olifant main battle tanks. Bateleur rockets made an eerie whine as they streaked across the sky while ZT-3

    Couldn't find photos or videos :(
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    South Africa is some likeable people. I have spoken to some of them. Spess the dutch part. I am sure they can bring in something positive in to team. Quality is something we need and i am sure we can find them.