South Korea Creating DPRK "Decapitation Unit"

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    South Korea’s plan to destroy Kim Jong Un with ‘decapitation unit’


    South Korea is ramping up plans to create a “decapitation unit” whose chief mission is to paralyse North Korea by wiping out its top officials, including dictator Kim Jong Un.

    The unit is tasked with eliminating Kim Jong Un and others in the event of war, using missiles and other warlike tactics.

    “The army is seeking to have a special operations unit capable of infiltrating, completing its given mission and coming back in one piece,” Jang Jun Kyu, army chief of staff, said last year reported The Australian.

    The program, formally dubbed the “Korea Massive Punishment and Retaliation” system, was originally slated for 2019, according to CNN.

    But South Korea moved it up two years ahead of schedule as a result of Kim’s constant threats to attack his neighbours with nuclear bombs reported The New York Times.

    Seoul’s defence ministry confirmed that the unit will be launched later this year.

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