Taiwan Accidentally Launches Missile Towards China

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    Taiwan accidentally launches missile toward China, kills fishing boat captain


    By Kay Guerrero, CNN

    (CNN) A Taiwan warship mistakenly launched a supersonic "aircraft carrier killer" missile toward China Friday, hitting a fishing boat and killing the boat's captain in an incident China called "a serious matter."

    A spokesman for Taiwan's Ministry of National Defense apologized on behalf of the military.

    "The Ministry of National Defense sincerely apologizes for the incident that caused the death of the captain (of the boat) and injured other crew members," Maj. Gen. Chen Chung-Chi said in a news conference. The ministry has also asked the Navy to provide assistance and compensation to the family of the victims.

    The deceased captain has been identified as Huang Wen-Chung, the defense ministry confirmed, according to Taiwan Focus, the English-language service of state-run Central News Agency.
    Chung-Chi said the missile, the "Hsiung Feng III," ripped through the fishing boat but did not explode.


    This is how wars accidentally begin ladies and gentlemen. It just takes one mistake and we all find ourselves sitting at home waiting to be drafted into WW3.
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