The FFL celebrates the 153rd anniversary of the battle of Camerone

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    In April 1863, a battle between the French Foreign Legion and the Mexican army showed how effective and ballsy legionnaires really could be.

    With a total of just 65 men, the legionnaires fought back against a force of approximately 3,000 at the Battle of Camarón. Despite the overwhelming odds, the small patrol of legionnaires inflicted terrible losses on the Mexican forces and they refused to surrender.

    Instead, their French officers actually called on the larger Mexican force to surrender multiple times.

    Holed up inside of a hacienda, only five men remained able to fight (most were killed or wounded) — and incredibly — mounted a bayonet charge against the opposing force, until they were ultimately surrounded and forced to surrender.

    “Is this all of them? Is this all of the men who are left?” a Mexican Major said at the time, according to the book Camerone by James W. Ryan. “These are not men! They are demons!”

    The Legion still celebrates and commemorates the battle today — and the wooden hand of their slain commander, Capt. Danjou, is the most prized possession at the Legion’s museum in Aubagne, writes Max Hastings.

    Interesting fact : In 1970,the General de Gaulle wanted to disband the Foreign Legion but his defense minister Pierre Messmer, a former of the 13th DBLE, deterred him from doing so.

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