The French police anti crime squads receive new weapons and body armor to deal better with an attack

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    This year,the Police will receive more than 3.000 HK G36 and 9.700 modern body armors.
    The anti-crime brigades received on Monday new weapons for better protection in the event of intervention at the scene of an attack.

    Police of the BAC, anti-crime squads, those who arrive first on the scene of attack, will now be better equipped. The goal is to be better prepared against terrorists who themselves have weapons of war. We saw during Charlie Hebdo or Bataclan, officers of the BAC were not sufficiently protected and did not have the weapons to deal effectively against Kalashnikovs.

    A more accurate and more powerful assault rifle

    Now they can count on new equipment, which will join today (first in Paris and the Paris region) their new cars, more spacious. Thus, in addition to the usual body armor, they will find a much heavier vest, bulletproof helmets, a protective shield for shelter, and an assault rifle HK G36, a powerful weapon much more accurate than a shotgun. And, above all, capable of firing thirty shots in a row.

    Better armed,better protected

    The BAC is now at the heart of the anti terror measures,better protected, and therefore more effective,the time the specialized units (RAID,GIGN,BRI) arrive at the scene of an attack.
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