The lessons should learn from the History of American Military

Discussion in 'U.S. Military History' started by Rene Atthowe, Jan 27, 2016.

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    History is something which gives sometimes a lesson what to do or not to does. This is absolutely true because we have learnt lessons from history. If we are talking about American Military history then we get to know many important things about it.

    The American were the first one who stood for the freedom of true humans. American groups are the only one who have been died and fought for the freedom. The American military died and fought for the poverty and security of their homeland. The American military is always ready to fight against their enemy and the reason for freedom. On civil war, more than 620000 soldiers died which was estimated that at that time, about 3 percent population of United States.

    Our history is wealthy. It is our duty to maintain and follow the culture and traditions of our country. These are lessons of success and failure. Now, it depends upon us that we follow the lessons and realize the failure and success and try not to do the same failure mistakes again. Observe the reason of success and follow them on future.
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