The U.K Seeks Laser Weapons

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    UK invites bids for laser weapon demonstrator

    Key Points

    • The LDEW demonstrator, for which an invitation to tender has just been issued, is intended to inform future capability-planning decisions
    • A land-based hardware demonstration will be followed by sea-based testing
    UK plans to build and test a tactical laser weapon prototype have taken a step forward with the release of an invitation to tender (ITT) to industry.

    The Royal Navy hopes to develop a ship-mounted “death ray” laser cannon by 2020, the first sea lord, Admiral Sir George Zambellas, has announced at one of the world’s biggest arms fairs.

    Royal Navy aims to put laser 'death ray' on ships by 2020

    The US navy has been experimenting with a laser to take out drones and damage enemy ships. The UK, hoping to build on the American experience, is looking to build something less cumbersome, more efficient, requiring less manpower and much more destructive.
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