Trump pardons London for collecting damaging information on him?

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    In early June during Hamburg G20 Summit Donald Trump said he expected a trade deal with the UK to be completed very quickly after London's final breakup with the European Union.

    "We're working on a trade deal which will be a very, very big deal, a very powerful deal, great for both countries and I think we'll have that done very, very quickly," Trump told reporters as he met with Theresa May.

    Trump's recent tweet shows the rapid development of "special relations" between the US and the UK.


    Such a surprising thaw in relations between the two countries looks odd taking into account the mean tricks of her Majesty's subjects during the US presidential race. It's a no secret that Great Britain at the moment was interested in Hillary Clinton's victory. There was speculation that Clinton even has a deal with Britain's political elite that secured for London a special status of a privileged trade partner during its painful breakup with the EU and afterwards. It is also a known fact that the biggest activity to damage Trump's reputation during the elections came from British special services.

    Interference of British intelligence in US election campaign got first heard of after former MI6 officer Christopher Steele's shocking report on BuzzFeed. In this report ex-British spy asserted that Moscow has enormous influence on President-elect Donald Trump. Regardless of the fact there is not much credibility in the published information, it became the basis of the information campaign against Trump, which was started by the liberal media and supporters of former candidate for the post of US president Hillary Clinton.

    Later BuzzFeed also published an interview by another British intelligence officer who refused to give his name for security reasons. The MI6 officer unraveled the goals of the surveillance operation against Trump. Like the rest of the world, Great Britain was expecting Clinton to win and was developing certain agreements with her aimed at introducing preferences in trade and economic relations during the Brexit and after it. No wonder that Her Majesty's intelligence was seeking ways to assure the victory of the candidate who was supported by Downing Street. Trump's victory was a bitter blow to them. According to the latest news, they still didn't recover from it.

    Trump is unlikely going to tweet us the reasons for such a turnabout in relations between America and Great Britain, they will obviously stay secret. But the fact remains that the US and British political elites had a bargain and incumbent President of the United States took up the matter ignoring the harm that the trade deal between America and England would bring to the already strained relations with the European Union.