Turkish F-16s to receive new self-protection pods

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    Turkey’s Lockheed Martin F-16C/D fleet will receive a bolstered electronic warfare capability, after Harris was awarded a contract to provide more defensive aids suites for the air force.

    Awarded by the US Air Force Air Logistics Center at Robins AFB in Georgia, the deal will lead to Harris providing 21 ALQ-211 advanced integrated defensive electronic warfare suite (AIDEWS) pods for integration on the Turkish air force’s F-16 fleet. The contract also covers maintenance, spares and engineering support.



    The ALQ-211 Family of Systems detects, denies, disrupts, degrades and evades lethal threats and provides multi-spectral (radio frequency, infrared and laser) situational awareness. When the aircrew encounters a threat emission, the ALQ-211 establishes the threat range from the mission aircraft. If an aircraft is in lethal range of the threat, the ALQ-211 initiates an integrated instantaneous response, breaking missile lock through RF countermeasures, and cues the use of chaff and flares. As the aircraft’s survivability suite controller, the ALQ-211 coordinates the response for laser and infrared threats, providing a truly integrated approach to aircraft self-protection.

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