Turkish gun ownership increasing fast

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    Debate on gun control, however, has been on the backburner in recent years. However, the carrying of guns has continued as an open secret to which most people choose to turn a blind eye.

    On the average, three-thousand people have been in gunfights in Turkey while more than 10,000 people have been injured annually, according to the Ankara-based Turkish Psychiatry Association.

    Mustafa Serenay, a gun seller for more than 10 years in Istanbul, confirmed that there has been an increase in demand for firearms.

    "Due to safety concerns, many people have bought guns," Serenay told Anadolu Agency.

    During the last five years, personal armament has increased 50 percent. The last year, that pace even surpassed 50 percent," the foundation said in a written statement to Anadolu Agency.

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