UAE doesn’t want Turkey to even shape a dinner menu

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    UAE doesn’t want Turkey to even shape a dinner menu, Otaiba says


    United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Turkey have strived to coexist in the Middle East since the 2013 military coup in Egypt that removed the legitimately elected Muslim Brotherhood-led government, which resulted in the two sides backing opposing groups.

    Somehow, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, which was a key ally for the UAE in the coup, repaired ties with Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud last year and have maintained relations so far.

    However, despite increasing bilateral trade and optimistic political statements, Turkey and the UAE continue to be in each other's crosshairs. Recently leaked emails that appear to belong to Emirati ambassador to Washington Yousef al-Otaiba clearly illuminate the extent of the animosity between the two countries.

    "We don't want Turkey or Qatar to be able to shape a dinner menu much less a country," Otaiba wrote in an email to a prominent New York Times columnist in April.

    The emails confirm the perception that the UAE treats Turkey, along with Qatar, as one of the main antagonists with competing regional visions.

    Various reports detail Otaiba's excellent network in Washington, achieved through his shrewd understanding of American political culture and power centers in the city. Moreover, the UAE is also ready to pour millions of dollars into influential American think tanks to campaign for its priorities. However, Otaiba himself is the most important asset with his clear vision for the region.
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    Welp looks we gotta knock knock at someone.

    just kidding tho

    But that aint cool from Arabia
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