UK Awards General Dynamics £135 mil for Tactical Communication Systems

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    General Dynamics UK Awarded £135 Million Contract to Provide Enhanced Communications to British Armed Forces


    Oakdale, South Wales – General Dynamics United Kingdom Limited has been awarded £135 million contract from the UK Ministry of Defence to provide enhanced Bowman tactical communications systems to the British Armed Forces.

    Brigadier Richard Spencer, Head of the MOD’s Battlefield and Tactical Communications and Information System delivery team said: “This contract will replace the data terminals and update software across the Bowman system to ensure ease of use, more rapid and robust data services and improved interoperability. This new deal is good news for the Armed Forces and ensures that they will have access to the best possible tactical communications equipment for the foreseeable future.”

    Chief Operating Officer of General Dynamics UK, Steve Rowbotham, commented: "This contract ensures the British Armed Forces have access to the best tactical communications. We are delighted to continue our successful partnership, which has delivered world-class secure tactical communications to the British Armed Forces, and to build on this unique UK sovereign capability.”

    Bowman’s secure radio communications, declared in service in 2004, have been used in operations since 2005. The Bowman system has been developed and integrated by General Dynamics UK into more than 15,000 British Army vehicles, together with headquarters, ships and helicopters. The enhanced equipment will be delivered, beginning in 2018, and will support an increased operational tempo.£135-million-contract-provide-enhanced