UK to station 1,000 military personnel in Poland

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    UK to permanently station 1,000 military personnel in Poland from 2017
    Britain will permanently station 1,000 military personnel in Poland from next year, Poland’s defence minister has said, in an apparent contradiction of an announcement by Britain about plans for temporary exercises on Polish soil.

    On Wednesday, the British defence ministry said London would send 1,000 military personnel to take part in defence exercises in Poland, as part of an agreement with Warsaw to strengthen security ties.

    But Poland’s Antoni Macierewicz told Catholic broadcaster Radio Maryja on Thursday that Poland and Britain have agreed at a meeting of foreign and defence ministers in Scotland that a number of troops would stay in Poland permanently.

    “One of the decisions, which resulted from [Wednesday’s] talks [is] a permanent presence of the British forces on Polish territory, that is 1,000 soldiers, who will permanently station on Polish territory from next year,” Macierewicz said.
    “They will switch around, it will be a rotational, but permanent presence of 1,000 soldiers.”
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