US Army to test NSM during RIMPAC 2018!!

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    I'm not posting the whole article, but sqeeeee!!! So excited to see Norway's toys being trialed not only by the USN, but the US Army too!!


    US Army, Japan Ground Self Defense Force Will Conduct SINKEX at RIMPAC 2018

    Ground forces will test ability to project sea control from land with mobile missile systems.

    Next year’s SINKEX represents a stunningly fast turnaround for developing a new capability for the U.S. Army since Admiral Harris and then-Undersecretary of the Navy Janine Davidson publicly advocated last yearto “get the army to sink a ship.”

    The U.S. Army will be firing the Naval Strike Missile (NSM), a multi-purpose, subsonic cruise missile designed by Norway’s Kongsberg and built in partnership with Raytheon. While subsonic, the missile is low-observable and maneuverable. With a range of just over 100 nautical miles, it has greater reach than the U.S. Navy’s aging Harpoon anti-ship missiles, but far less than advanced Chinese supersonic anti-ship cruise missiles like the YJ-18, which the U.S.Department of Defense assesses may have a range of nearly 290 nautical miles (though other analysts place the range closer to 120 nautical miles).

    By selecting the NSM to test, Pacific Command has reduced the development and training burden leading up to next summer’s exercise as Kongsberg already produces a truck-mounted coastal defense version of the NSM for the Polish Navy. The Japanese Ground Self Defense Force already fields the Type 12 ASCM, a truck-mounted, subsonic missile with a range just over 120 nautical miles, and is developing an improved ASCM with a range of at least 180 nautical miles.

    Admiral Harris said that creating an expeditionary anti-ship capability in the U.S. Army helps “address some of the tough problems that we face together in archipelagic defense scenarios.” Integrating such a capability with those of allies and partners like Japan is equally significant. Unspoken in Admiral Harris’ invocation of “archipelagic defense scenarios” is that these capabilities are being developed to deal with a potential clash with China.


    Pictures courtesy of yours truly|Cat|.


    KNM Trondheim before...


    KNM Trondheim after...

    This is the shore-launcher, of the Polish Land Forces. The US Army will trial this version, while the US Navy has previously trial the ship-launched NSM from the deck of a Littoral Combat Ship.



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