US & Chinese Navies are in Vietnam

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    Pacific Partnership 2017 arrives in Da Nang, Vietnam

    DA NANG, Vietnam - Pacific Partnership 2017 (PP17) began a mission in Da Nang, May 8, with the arrival of the expeditionary fast transport ship USNS Fall River (T-EPF 4).

    The Da Nang mission stop marks the fourth consecutive year and the eighth time in 11 years that Pacific Partnership missions have occurred in Vietnam's provinces and cities.

    Personnel from the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Japan are participating in this year's events in Da Nang.

    Da Nang collaborated with central government agencies and Pacific Partnership planners to organize the week and a half event with the aim of promoting the comprehensive partnership between the United States and Vietnam and collaboration among partner countries.

    While in Vietnam, Pacific Partnership personnel will work side-by-side with Vietnamese civilian medical officers, pay a courtesy call to leaders of the Da Nang People's Committee, participate in civil engineering projects, and exchange expertise with military medical staff, as well as participate in community projects.

    Lt. Cmdr. Greg Dusetzina, the American officer in charge of the Vietnam mission, expects that the multi-national cooperation during the mission stop will continue to build on the progress experienced during previous iterations of Pacific Partnership. "Pacific Partnership includes the traditional humanitarian aid and disaster relief (HA/DR), medical, engineering and community relation projects. We are excited to work alongside our partner nations to further develop lasting relationships with mutual trust, critical to maintaining peace and stability in the region," he said.

    In a continuation of the crisis management and response activities from PP16, Pacific Partnership and Vietnamese personnel will conduct a subject matter expert exchange for a humanitarian assistance and disaster relief (HA/DR) workshop that culminates in a field training exercise. These personnel will also complete renovations of the Hoa Lien Nursery School, Hoa Hai Medical Clinic, and Hoa Nhon Community Center. A Seventh Fleet Band will perform at the Dragon Bridge on the Han River, and Pacific Partnership personnel will provide an English-Music Exchange to Phan Chau Trinh High School students.

    “Natural disasters don’t recognize borders, so Vietnam, the United States, and other Pacific nations must be prepared to respond quickly. Through Pacific Partnership, our countries are working and training together so that when disasters strike, we can seamlessly assist those in need. Our collaboration will enhance regional capacity in humanitarian assistance and disaster relief,” said U.S. Ambassador to Vietnam Ted Osius.

    Pacific Partnership will continue onto Khanh Hoa following its stop in Da Nang.

    The Chinese are in Vietnam too

    Chinese naval fleet starts friendly visit to Vietnam

    HO CHI MINH CITY, May 6 (Xinhua) -- A Chinese naval fleet on Saturday arrived at Ho Chi Minh City in south Vietnam for a four-day friendly visit to the Southeast Asian country.

    At 10:00 am (0300 GMT), two Chinese naval ships, missile destroyer Changchun and missile frigate Jingzhou, docked at the Saigon Port in Ho Chi Minh City, and were warmly received at a welcome ceremony held by the Vietnamese navy.

    After the ceremony, representatives of Vietnamese navy, Chinese embassy and consulate in Vietnam, Chinese enterprises, Chinese students studying in Vietnam and overseas Chinese in Vietnam visited the Changchun missile destroyer.

    Commander of the Chinese navy fleet Shen Hao is expected to meet Vietnamese military and civilian officials. The two sides will hold a series of activities including receptions on the deck, cultural and sports competitions.

    Missile frigate Jingzhou will be open to overseas Chinese in local communities, Vietnamese naval officers and soldiers.
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    One only needs to look at a map to see how important Vietnam is to the Pacific region. The country borders China and has a huge coast line with the South China sea. If one power gets full influence over it they can tip the balance in the region. Vietnam is aware of this reality and will play hard to get.