US Govt Hackers Have Penetrated Critical Russian Networks

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    US government hackers ‘penetrate’ Russian electric grid and communication lines to be ‘ready’ in case of election day interference


    An anonymous senior intelligence official told NBC news that the US would only deploy its own cyber attack “if necessary”.

    It has been an open secret for years that the US has infiltrated critical online infrastructure of other nations like Russia and China, while the US has accused them of doing the same.

    Days before the 2016 presidential election, US officials are concerned that adversaries could cause mayhem on Tuesday by releasing fake documents, creating bogus social media profiles to spread misinformation online such as rigged counting and tampering with state voting registration systems.

    The news comes the same day that the hacker “Guccifer 2.0” - a front for Russian intelligence - tweeted that it would monitor the US elections “from inside the system”.

    The Department of Homeland Security briefed reporters on Friday that they were “very concerned” about confusion on election day, but were confident that no breach would influence the result of the election.