US Navy Develops Brahmos Like Missile

Discussion in 'U.S. Navy' started by Falcon, Mar 28, 2017.

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  1. Falcon

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    Oct 10, 2015
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    US Navy develops a Brahmos-like ramjet powered missile in just 6 months using off-the-shelf parts


    For a military with the world’s largest defence budget, things move at a glacial pace, or so experts say. Therefore, it’s surprising that the US Navy actually managed to design, build and test a new ramjet missile in just six months.

    How did they do it? Off-the-shelf parts and a credit card.

    To avoid bureaucracy and miles of red tape, the team behind the rocket decided to keep things small and use off-the-shelf parts. Most of the components, in fact, were simply bought with a credit card. They were also relatively cheap, which allowed the team to test their design more frequently.
  2. Kat

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    Feb 17, 2017
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    But used for what? It's like Brahmos in that it's ramjet powered, but that seems to be the only similarity. Brahmos is a mammoth missile.


    This new US navy project? Not so much. I suppose it could be used as a hit-to-kill (or outfitted with a small warhead) and turned into a light-weight anti-ship missile, possible for countering fastboats. I doubt it'll impart the kinetic energy necessary to cripple larger warships like those fielded by China or Russia. But being smaller, more could fit a USN destroyer or LCS versus larger missiles like Harpoon or LRASM saving space on the ships and affording them a greater armament load out.

    A ramjet would hardly be beneficial for an anti-missile or SAM without a booster as they lack acceleration. No point in replacing ESSM as a new variant is in testing and the Standard series is far too useful and utilitarian to replace.

    It's far smaller then Harpoon so unless it's a hit-to-kill missile it's an odd air-to-surface choice. I have doubts about the lethality of such a small platform anyway. Russian offings offered high speed and high weight, providing a package that could cripple a cruiser-class target through their shear impact alone, let alone that the Russian's always ripple fired their missiles and packed them with large warheads.


    My guess? It's the Navy's counter to Meteor or PL-15. Going further to a true replacement for Phoenix. I can't see such a weapon system being used otherwise given its choice of powerplant and size.


    AIM-120D only goes so far.