US Watching India-Iran Port Deal

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    After PM Modi Scores Chabahar Port Deal, US Says It's Watching Closely


    1. PM Modi pledged up to $500 million to develop Chabahar port in Iran
    2. Chabahar is 100 km from Pakistan's Gwadar port, which China is developing
    3. US senators ask whether India's move violates international sanctions
    US senators on Tuesday questioned whether India's development of Iran's Chabahar port for trade access risked violating international sanctions, and a State Department official assured them the administration would closely examine the project.

    "We have been very clear with the Indians (about) continuing restrictions on activities with respect to Iran," Nisha Desai Biswal, Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs, said on Tuesday.

    "We have to examine the details of the Chabahar announcement to see where it falls in that place," she testified to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday pledged up to $500 million to develop the Iranian port of Chabahar, to give India a trade access to Iran, Afghanistan and Central Asia. The route is currently all but blocked by Pakistan.
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