Various Zumwalt Milestones Completed

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    Raytheon performance, deliveries continue for Zumwalt


    Recent program milestones have advanced critical mission systems of the Zumwalt class. Raytheon's onsite Ship Integration and Test team continues to work in close collaboration with the Navy and the shipyard, supporting ongoing installation, integration and testing in line with construction progress. Critical program accomplishments for each ship include:

    DDG 1000
    • Test and activation of equipment and components (exceeding 1,800 elements); the majority have been activated and were successfully demonstrated during Alpha Trials.
    • TSCE-driven engineering controls and data center have successfully activated and are fully functional onboard, supporting the Hull, Mechanical & Electrical phase of the program.
      • The integrated system was tested during sea trials, demonstrating more than 200 continuous hours of operation.
    • Navigation and bridge activation is complete.
    • More than 330 hours of training have been completed with the sailors of the DDG 1000 Pre-Commissioning crew, covering ship control system, TSCE operation, the integrated ship plan, combat systems overview and the fundamentals of the ship mission center.
    • The Raytheon team is poised to support combat and mission systems equipment activation.
    DDG 1001
    • Initial equipment installed, supporting shipyard electrical system activation.
    • Equipment deliveries continue in synch with ship installation and integration schedule.
    DDG 1002

    • On December 31, 2015, Raytheon was awarded a $255 million contract modification for remaining mission systems equipment for the third ship of the class.
    With each ship at advanced stages of development and integration, the Raytheon team remains focused on the efforts ahead to deliver the critical technologies and capabilities of the Zumwalt-class to the Navy.
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    Zumwalts Data Center:


    Control center:



    Misc stats:

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    Raytheon is in charge of the Zumwalts mission, electronic and combat systems.

    • Total Ship Computing Environment – a single, encrypted network that controls all shipboard computing applications, ranging from the ship’s lights and machinery control to its radars and weapon systems. The TSCE's sailor-centric interface and high degree of automation allow the ship to run more effectively and efficiently.

    • Electronic Modular Enclosures – a shipbuilding innovation that packages more than 235 individual electronics cabinets into ready-to-install, “ruggedized” units for easy integration, maintenance and upgrades. Each ship carries 16 EMEs.

    • Integrated Undersea Warfare System – two sonar arrays (high and medium frequencies) in one automated, hull-mounted system designed to protect the ship from enemy mines, submarines and torpedoes. Using sophisticated algorithms, the sonar better enables Zumwalt destroyers to detect, engage and defeat an enemy threat.
    • MK57 Vertical Launching System
    a state-of-the-art weapon launcher designed to fire missiles for sea, land and air attacks. The MK57’s modular electronic-architecture allow Zumwalt destroyers to quickly transition to new missiles systems by minimizing the need to re-qualify their launchers. The MK57 launchers are contained and protected by the Peripheral Vertical Launch System*. The PVLS’ design and positioning make the launchers – and missiles – resistant to battle damage and safely isolates them from the crew and shipboard equipment.

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