Why are U.S Drones "Crashing" in the Middle East? Is EW a Factor?

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Are the recent UAV crashes a result of mechanical failures or EW?

  1. Mechanical Failures

  2. Electronic Warfare (EW)

  3. Not enough info to decide

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  1. Falcon

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    Oct 10, 2015
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    On October 21, 2015 the Military reported that two U.S Drones had crashed in two separate incidents, one incident occurred in Turkey for "mechanical" reasons and the other lost its link with the crew in Iraq. Just today another American UAV crashed in Kuwait which is near Iraq, thus far a reason has not been given for the crash. Back in May a UAV crashed in Iraq and another crashed in Iraq this past June.

    What are your opinions on the reasons behind these crashes? Do you all think that Russian or Iranian EW could be a factor? The Iranians in the past claimed to have brought down a U.S drone via hacking or EW means and we know that the Russians have EW assets in Syria.