Why the hell arent you the USA?

Discussion in 'U.S. Strategic Affairs' started by T-123456, Mar 2, 2016.

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  1. T-123456

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    Oct 8, 2015
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    What happened to you,USA?

    Since WWII there was one sole power leading the world,be it military,economic,political etc.
    So what happened ,why did they USA lose or gave up its role and became a passive meaningless country on the worldstage.
    Lets see when it started,


    The US promissed help incase of Russian involvement in Georgian internal affairs(South-Ossetia,Abkhazia),there was some kind of pact(strategic partnership),we all know what happened there,the Russians overran Georgia,annexed South-Ossetia.
    Not even talking about Abkhazia in the 90s,where Russian forces invaded a soveriegn country's role in the world.

    Arab spring

    The US was passive during the Arab spring(Tunisia,Libya(minor involvement),Egypt),Obama didnt want US involvement because of the failed operations of George W in Iraq and Afghanistan which only caused the loss of lives of so many American soldiers.
    Afghanistan is still a mess and the Taliban will be in charge again,soon,the same goes for Iraq where the Shia government is just a stooge of Iran.
    Sunni's were not included which resulted in Sunni revolt and the establishment of smaller Sunni rebel groups which later united together with Syrian groups to ISIS.
    The US inderictly caused the rise of ISIS,a known fact.
    Where is the USA?

    Almost 250,000 people have been killed since the start of the war in Syria.
    At first,president Obama called for his famous ''Red Lines'',one became two and on and on,nothing happened and what a surprise,the Russians came in again acting like they own the place.
    Where is the US,one might ask or i asked,where the hell are you?
    No answer,instead Obama sent Kerry to negiotiate with the Russians,really again,the Russian?
    And all of a sudden,theres a deal with Iran,what a coincidence huh?
    To top it all,united action against ISIS,so the USA together with Russia,the Kurds and Iran against ISIS,despite of what happened in Ukraine,really???
    Man,ISIS must be some alien invaders with a mighty army and sophisticated weapons,even for the USA.
    So the US has become,just ''one of'' instead of ''the'' power.
    Where is the USA?


    The Russians invade Ukraine(be it without Russian insignias on the soldiers) and Obama called for sanctions,what happened?
    Nothing happened,Europe still did business with Russia and is still doing it,be it indirectly(via other routes).
    Ukraine is almost forgotten,we hear nothing,Putin is still at it.
    Putin feels so great and mighty that he is fighting with Assd against all but ISIS.
    Thanks to whome?
    The answer should be clear;USA.
    Where is the USA?

    SCS(South China Sea)

    China is claiming island after island in the SCS and no-one is or can stop it from doing so,the Chinese also see whats happening in Ukraine and Syria,when the Rusians can do it,China for sure can and will do it.
    China invaded another(emphasis on another) Filipino Island and n response from the US.
    What can the phillipines do against China's aggression,alone?
    US response,

    So,who can answer my question,

    Where is the USA that we all used to know ,what happened?

    @Pathfinder @Falcon @AMDR @Osmanovic @Patriot1776 @F-22 and others

    I tagged the Americans first,to see what kind of views they have about their country.
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  2. Pathfinder

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    Dec 17, 2015
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    I don't agree with everything in the post but what you have laid out really does express what many US allies are thinking. Everyone wants America to play a bigger role or at least fully back up her allies. Everyone wants America to intervene everywhere but at the same time they don't. America can not spend its own money and resources on other peoples problems without getting something out of it. The American public doesn't want to intervene around the world hence the politicians and leadership do not either. There is a big debate in our country on the role of the US in the world.

    To answer your question on what happened:

    China is rising and is now a serious power.
    Russia is coming back militarily and is catching up in many technologies.
    The US economy isn't what it used to be.
    The US public doesn't want any more wars.
    The nature of warfare has changed, this was demonstrated in Vietnam and Iraq.
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  3. T-123456

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    Oct 8, 2015
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    The US is still way ahead of all the armed forces of the world combined.
    Russia coming back militarily but its economy cant hold it any longer,Russia is not what it looks like.
    Agreed on the economy part.
    The country is more important then the public.
    Guerilla warfare could have been prevented by immidiate action after the ''Red Lines'' were crossed.
    But i guess you are right,the world is changing.
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  4. Patriot1776

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    Nov 11, 2015
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    The arguments you have provided are the ones Republicans (Right Wing Party) are making here in the US against the current Obama administration. Most of the issues you raised happened or are happening during his 2 4 year terms. Trust me many americans want to be more proactive in terms of foreign policy. But we are even now building up our fleet in Asia, we have special forces in Iraq and are doing something, maybe not the most we can do but we are playing a role and aren't "meaningless" I would say thats a far stretch.