Catalonia's Independence Bid Apparently Fails

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    The Spanish prime minister, Mariano Rajoy, has asked the Catalan government to clarify whether or not it has declared independence, as he considers the unprecedented step of suspending the region’s autonomy and imposing direct rule from Madrid.

    On Tuesday evening, the Catalan president, Carles Puigdemont said while the referendum this month had given his government a mandate to create a sovereign republic, he would not immediately push ahead with independence from Spain.

    Although he signed a declaration of independence, he proposed that its effects be suspended for a few weeks to allow for dialogue.

    Rajoy, who has refused to rule out invoking article 155 of the Spanish constitution to take control of Catalonia, was quick to seize on the ambiguity of Puigdemont’s position, accusing him of deliberately sowing confusion.

    “The cabinet has agreed this morning to formally require the Catalan government to confirm whether it has declared independence after the deliberate confusion created over whether it has come into effect,” he said in a television address on Wednesday.

    “This request, which comes before any of the measures that the government could adopt under article 155 of our constitution, is meant to offer our citizens the clarity and security that such an important issue requires.”

    The silent majority in Catalonia is against independence, the far left secessionist backed by Russian media have failed.

    Newspaper front pages in Spain were dominated with photographs of the protests, with papers commenting on “the silent majority” — anti-secessionist Catalans — finally coming out. El País led with “Historic demonstration against separatism and for the constitution.” ABC led with a photograph of the demonstration in which one of the protesters held a sign saying: “We want Catalonia in Spain.” El Mundo led with: “They will not be able to divide Spain: Massive protest in Barcelona for unity, for pluralism, and for constitutional democracy.” The paper also had an editorial titled: “The clamor of the silent majority.”

    Pro-independence papers hinted that many of the demonstrators may have come from outside of Catalonia. “Unionism disembarks in Barcelona,” was Ara’s headline. The paper criticized the demonstration for a low turnout — 350,000 according to the Civil Guard, while organizers said the number was closer to 1 million. El Periódico de Catalunya led with “the end of silence.” Senator Robert Masih Nahar of the pro-independence Catalan Republican Left party wrote: “Today the unionists came to Barcelona to say GOODBYE.”