Kaspersky CEO says hack claims cutting U.S. cyber security sales

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    MOSCOW/WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Eugene Kaspersky told Reuters on Friday that the Moscow-based cyber security firm that bears his name would see a ‘single-digit’ drop in U.S. sales this year as a result of suspicions about his company’s ties to the Russian government, but its global revenue should still increase.
    Eugene Kaspersky, Chief Executive of Russia's Kaspersky Lab, poses for a picture at the company's office in Moscow, Russia October 27, 2017. REUTERS/Maxim Shemetov
    By turns frustrated and defiant in an 80-minute interview in his Moscow office, the founder and head of the embattled antivirus software maker denounced what he called an “information war” against his company, repeatedly asserting that “we’ve done nothing wrong.”

    Kaspersky said the company’s interactions with law enforcement in Russia and elsewhere was “limited to cyber crime investigations, data sharing about cyber crime - that’s it.”

    He added: “We have zero, zero wrong connections, contacts or assistance to espionage agencies. Zero.”

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