Lebanon Gets 2 A-29 Light Attack Aircraft from the US

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    US delivers 2 A-29 light-attack aircraft to the Lebanese army


    HAMAT, Lebanon (Reuters) - The United States delivered two A-29 Super Tucano light attack aircraft to Lebanon's army on Tuesday, a sign of continued US support despite Israeli accusations that the Lebanese military is controlled by Hezbollah.

    The planes will be used as armed observation aircraft, a security source in Lebanon said, and represent a big upgrade for the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF).

    Earlier this month, US ally Israel said Hezbollah, an Iran-backed Shi'ite Muslim movement, had gained control over Lebanon's conventional military, a charge the Lebanese army denies.

    Continue reading: http://www.businessinsider.com/r-lebanese-army-gets-two-a-29-light-attack-aircraft-from-us-2017-10
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