My Most Important Question of All.

Discussion in 'Members Introduction' started by MetaDaniel, Dec 4, 2017.

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    Hopefully this is the thread to ask.

    Okay, this is my most important question ever. Should i join military life? I am homeless, where ever I go, I keep getting kicked out for the dumbest reasons. I have gone to a shelter, i slept on streets/cars. 2017 has been the most difficult year of my entire life. I am so done begging people for places to stay and the shelter. I am so done with civilian jobs, i am so better to do something else with my life, i am done with all my family, they are sick. I am without a father since 19, im gonna be 23 this December 23rd. Since father’s passing, the family has gradually worsen, to not continue my father’s values, i still do, my father lives through me. I can not go back to that family no more, they have given me up and truly have forgiven father. I have learned much mistakes and regrets this 2017 and it’s nearing its end. I’m becoming 23 this December, i am without a car, cant drive, without money, food, and jobless(worked 2 food customer service jobs, school tutor job, general labor construction job)All these jobs I couldn’t keep over a year. I am scronny/thin and 5’4. I passed high school with 2.1 Gpa. I didn’t further college, people say I should be a teacher/counselor and I believe that. I have thought of military seriously as a teen and every now and then it comes back but I would drop it after awhile. I liked my pleasures, my comfortable spaces; well buddy, i been taken out of that for months, months I’m couch surfing, im tired of it. I want serious change, better living more than anything in life. I want a new family, i can not settle for anything low. I deserve to be happier. I deserve to give it my all. My father didnt agree with me going to military when we had this talk when he was around, for he was Mexican military for years. He wouldn’t talk about it, never liked bringing it up. My mother asked him if he had killed anyone and he said to her to never ever bring it up again. I want my younger 20 y.o. brother to look up to me, he needs that, i need him to grow up. I am still growing up, these past months have done much change to me, different environments, people’s conditions i had to adjust, i have been hurt, disappointmented, and very frustrated with all i had misjudged, i was not careful in my life. I have no where to go. I had not done well with such nonsense authority over me, i had let everything take control of me, i am done with that all. I want to grow. I want to join this brotherhood. I have been broken down and keep rebuilding myself every month. I am done with toxicity. I want to be happy. I want to have the benefits of school money, my teeth fixed, my health become clean and my mind focused. I understand there are such requirements, such loyalty, i must sacrifice everything and i feel i have sacrificed much, so much for my family and the appreciation has been destroyed, i am done with that. They live to rot, i do not. Perhaps it sounds degrading and sad to read this.

    I’m here for you advice, guidance and life lessons. I believe in myself, I must.

    Do you think I fit in? Do you think I will strive for my best? Am I underestimating all this? Is being homeless the wrong way to do this? Will they accept me?

    I look for a new path in life, I’m done being a poor soul brother. Do you think I will love it? I like to travel, so use to it, i been around California a bit, all my life have I’ve lived here. Do you think this will be a great choicd for me? Do you think this is a stupid decision?

    Look at me..i am getting nowhere in life and i want to so God damn badly. I don’t even know what sort of military job i want, what branch will fit me best and serve me well, including its benefits. Is there anything I’m not taking into account? What else must I give up? What do you think of all I have said?

    Is this it?
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    Hello there buddy. Life is a fight. Imagine that everything would be easy. Then i can guarantee you will go fast bored. Look at what you have done is a good life experience. I have seen people that have worser than 2.1 Gpa. And later in life is becoming much better than many. You are in a perfect age to join military. I would recommend to join military. What branch i can not tell you. The most important is for you is to get your foot inside the military. Just say you are young and you want to server your country and work hard to meet my goals to become a good soldier. But i need guidance to learn my self and learn what skills i am good at. And i believe you guys have the knowledge to find the best in me.

    Just remember to work hard and look up to people who want to learn you something and be humble. I can guarantee you will never regret joining military but you will regret if you did not do it. In future you will become a respected man who see the future different than you see it to day. Good luck and remember. Life is a fight and be humble and respectful for others who do the same.
    Good luck soldier!