Pakistan buys the Type 054A Frigate

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    A contract for the acquisition of two additional Type 054A Frigates for Pakistan Navy was signed with M/s China Shipbuilding Trading Company Ltd (CSTC), at Ministry of Defence Production, Rawalpindi. Pakistan's deputy Chief of Naval Staff (Operations), Rear Admiral Faisal Rasul Lodhi was present on the occasion.
    With the conclusion of this contract, Pakistan Navy will have a total of 4 x Type 054A ships in its Fleet by 2021. The induction of these Ships will substantially enhance Pakistan navy’s war fighting capabilities while effectively contributing towards Maritime Security Operations in the region.

    The contract value of the four Type 054As for the Pakistan Navy is unknown, but Pakistan paid about US $ 200 million (per ship) for the older, smaller F-22Ps. The Chinese Navy is acquiring Type 054A at a unit price of US $ 218 million.

    For China, the increasing endowment of Chinese military equipment by Pakistan will continue to deepen the political-military relationship between the two countries, and will further consolidate the Chinese position in this crucial part for its maritime silk route.

    Pakistan's Type 054As will armed differently compared the PLAN's. They will be armed with Harba Anti-ship missiles, LY-80 SAM, Type 730B CIWS and ET80 Torpedoes
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