Saudi Arabia Interested in Turkish Anka UAV with Tech Transfer

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    Saudi Arabia is in Talks with Turkey for 6 ANKA UAVs


    Saudi Arabia is in talks with Turkey to purchase domestically-produced ANKA drones, with the sale process reportedly reaching an advanced stage as Riyadh and local manufacturer Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) sit at the bargaining table.

    The Gulf kingdom has expressed interest in buying six Turkish-made ANKA drones, which were produced by domestic defense firm TAI, according to Defense News.


    TAI Business Development Manager Görkem Bilgi stated that talks have been ongoing “for a while” with Riyadh for the sale of the AKNA drones.

    Saudi Arabia has initially expressed interest in adding six of the Turkish-made drones to its arsenal, due to its powerful reconnaissance features. The deal also reportedly includes a technology transfer clause.

    A source familiar with the talks said that Riyadh asked for a discount on the drones, citing recent drops in oil prices.
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