Should the U.S. Cut Funding to Pakistan?

Discussion in 'U.S. Strategic Affairs' started by Pathfinder, Jan 4, 2018.

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  1. Pathfinder

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    What are your thoughts on cutting aid to Pakistan? If we cut aid China will fill the gap and our position in South Asia will be weakened. India isn't a replacement because they are a large power. On the otherwise one could say that the Cold War is over and giving Billions to Pakistan provides little geopolitical gain for the U.S.


    Trump Admin Position:

    Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 8.08.06 AM.png

    "They work with us at times, and they also harbor the terrorists that attack our troops in Afghanistan," Haley said Tuesday at a news conference. "That game is not acceptable to this administration."

    Pakistani Position:

    "Trump is disappointed at the US defeat in Afghanistan and that is the only reason he is flinging accusations at Pakistan," Asif told the Pakistani TV network Geo on Monday.

    "We have already told the US that we will not do more, so Trump's 'no more' does not hold any importance."

    He said "Pakistan is ready to publicly provide every detail of the US aid that it has received."

    Pakistan is already retaliating economically by replacing the Dollar with Yuan in its trade with China

    Data on Aid:


    What the United States spends in Pakistan
    The United States began providing economic assistance along and military aid to Pakistan shortly after the country’s creation in 1947. In total, the United States obligated nearly $67 billion (in constant 2011 dollars) to Pakistan between 1951 and 2011. The levels year to year have waxed and waned for decades as US geopolitical interests in the region have shifted. Peaks in aid have followed years of neglect. In several periods, including as recently as the 1990s, US halted aid entirely and shut the doors of the USAID offices. This pattern has rendered the United States a far cry from a reliable and unwavering partner to Pakistan over the years.
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    Wh40k, Battletech
    Pakistan is already member of SCO.
    You can pay, or not to pay - there are no difference, but if you'll choose 'not to pay' - you will save bit of money
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    Well it is important to see the inside picture. If America feel to spend money toward a country. Then there is a logic reason for it. The map is like a chess board and if a country have economy power. He will do what he feel is best to make sure another country get stronger/deals = Partnership