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Discussion in 'Members Introduction' started by Matt, Apr 16, 2018.

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  1. Matt

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    Apr 16, 2018
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    I hope it’s okay to post here. I’m new to this forum. I have a few questions in regards mostly to Saturday’s strike against the checimal weapons facilities in Syria.
    1. How many missiles did the US launch in total, and how many of those missiles were successfully intercepted?
    2. The Syrian missile defenece system is a older Soviet Union design, I believe the s-200? If these strikes were targeted by modern Russian defense systems like the s-400 would the outcome in regards to interception have left the US launches a complete failure? I’m talking about our tomahawk missiles specifically. If we really wanted to up the heat, do we have other missiles in our inventory that could have easily snuck through Russian defense systems?
    3. Overall, would a confrontation with Russia be a absolute blood bath? Or is the USA capable of easily striking, and eliminating any threat? And could the USA missile defense system easily deter Russian offensive strategies?
  2. Dook

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    Apr 10, 2018
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    105 missiles were launched.

    How many were shot down? None. The video's online show Syrian surface to air missiles being fired into the sky but cruise missiles don't fly high, they fly low level, so those missiles were fired after the cruise missiles already hit.

    Also, the pictures online of cruise missiles that were supposedly shot down are not US cruise missile parts. The Syrian people don't know the difference between a rocket and a jet engine so they believe whatever SANA tells them. It's just an excuse for arab men to dance with other arab men and for arab men to hold hands with other arab men. They really like that kind of thing.

    Would the newer Russian surface to air missiles have had more success against our cruise missiles? Possibly. Here's the thing, a lot of this is stuff is classified so you don't get the whole truth from either side. We also have decoy's that we can use and we have missiles that can home in on enemy radar and take them out even if the radar is turned off the missile hits the last known position so it's a technological chess game.

    Do we have missiles that would have snuck through the Russian air defense? That's classified. No need to use them because the cruise missiles worked fine.

    Would a confrontation with Russia be a blood bath? It depends on whether it's a local battle or a full on war. They can't beat us in a full on war but it would be bloody, mostly Russian blood. The US could fight a full war against Russia, China, North Korea, and Venezuela all at the same time and we would still win, and you could add in Iran to that as well.

    Could the US missile defense system easily deter Russian offensive strategies? Possibly. Missile defense is hit and miss. I don't know what the exact accuracy is because it's classified but it's supposed to be about 50% accurate and that is probably an exxageration.